This witty, wacky, turn-based strategy game is now available for iOS, Android and Steam.

In Highborn, you’re treated to two strategy games that combine to offer an intelligent, tactical experience without the frenetic play of a traditional RTS.

Move your forces around an overhead map to secure spells and combat support, then dive into 3D combat to deploy those advantages against an unsuspecting enemy.

All the fun and fighting is set against an irreverent tale, filled with wacky heroes, witty dialogue and wild assumptions.

Highborn for PC & Mac on Steam
Highborn for iPhone & iPod Touch
Highborn HD for iPad
Highborn for Android


  • A New Strategy – A unique blend of strategic movement and 3D combat caters to a variety of gameplay styles and offers lots of replayability.
  • Multiplay at Your Pace – Turn-based gaming lets you think, then act in round-based play via OpenFeint, with simultaneous games and player-to-player chat.
  • Many Styles of Play – Unlock hero characters for access to different abilities, play styles, and strategies.
  • Achieve Greatness – More than 25 achievements to unlock, including judicious use of turns, using units as bait, and making it through an entire mission without capturing support structures.
  • More Challenges in Chapter 2 – Double the gameplay with an in-app purchase that adds 8 new missions, new enemies and allies, and new structures.
  • Switch Sides in Chapter 3 – Take control of the Decay in an in-app purchase, and fight against the Highborn through 8 new parody-packed missions that in-clude additional units, structures, and spells.

Highborn News

Chapter3_Key_Art December 12, 2013

Highborn Chapter 3 Now Available on the Mac App Store

Highborn Chapter 3: “The Audacity!” is now available as downloadable content on the Mac App Store. If you’ve purchased Highborn, you can now play a whole bunch of new twists,

Highborn_Chapter3_Steam November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Highborn Chapter 3 Now Available on Steam!

Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, Highborn Chapter 3 is now available on Steam! It’s a scientifically-proven fact* that turn-based gameplay goes great with oven-roasted turkey and

Highborn Trailer

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Highborn FAQ

Don’t see your question here? Give us a shout at highborn@jetsetgames.net. If you’ve encountered a bug, please let us know what you were doing when the problem occurred, what happened, and what you expected to happen.

iOS Technical Questions

  • I downloaded Highborn version 1.3 and it says that I no longer have Chapter 2, even though I purchased it! What happened ?

We are currently experiencing an issue where some users’ previously purchased DLC (Chapter 2) is not showing up after updating the game. If you have already purchased Chapter 2, tap to download it again. If you use the same iTunes account, you will not be charged a second time. We are working to correct this issue in a future update.

  • I’m playing Highborn HD on my new iPad 2 / iPhone 4, and the audio cut out after a few minutes. What’s going on ?

This is a known issue with the game’s audio on the iPad 2. We are currently investigating it and will be posting a fix soon.

  • I downloaded Highborn Lite and then upgraded to the full version. But I uninstalled the game and then re-installed it, and now it doesn’t show that I’ve purchased the full version. What gives ?

If you’ve upgraded to the full version and/or purchased the Chapter 2 content, then uninstalled/reinstalled the app, you won’t see any of your purchases. You’ll need to “purchase” the content again through iTunes, but don’t worry, you won’t be charged a second time, so as long as you’re using the same iTunes account. The game simply needs to reconnect to the iTunes store to verify the purchase.

  • Why doesn’t the game load properly ?

Should your game fail to load properly it most likely had a bad install. Doing a full uninstall and a fresh install should fix any problems.

  • What if I hit a password-protected ISP ?

If you are playing in an area with a password-protected ISP you should try to authenticate the network via your web browser. Highborn will let you enter the password to access the network; however, you will then need to exit the game and re-launch to continue.

  • Why can’t I make multi-player games using foreign languages or funky symbols ?

Currently we only support English characters. Foreign language support is planned for a future update.


Android Technical Questions

  • Which Android devices are supported ?

Highborn can be played on more than a dozen different Android devices running the Éclair, Froyo or Gingerbread operating systems. Here’s a list of the most popular Android devices that the game will run on:

  1. Google Nexus One, OS 2.1 and newer
  2. Google Nexus S, OS 2.3 and newer
  3. Motorola Droid, OS 2.1 and newer
  4. Motorola Droid X, OS 2.1 and newer
  5. Motorola XT701 OS 2.1
  6. Motorola Defy
  7. HTC Droid Incredible, OS 2.1 and newer
  8. HTC Desire HD, OS 2.2 and newer
  9. HTC Desire Z, OS 2.2 and newer
  10. HTC Desire, OS 2.1 and newer
  11. HTC Inspire 4G OS 2.2
  12. SE X10, OS 2.1 and newer
  13. SE Xperia Play, OS 2.3
  14. Samsung Galaxy S, OS 2.2 and newer
  15. Samsung Galaxy S (Fascinate), OS 2.1
  16. Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate), OS 2.1
  17. Samsung Galaxy Tab, OS 2.2
  18. Viewsonic gTablet
  19. Archos 70 Internet Tablet


Gameplay Questions

  • Is the fanfare not playing really a bug ?

No, it isn’t. That is just more clever and wacky Highborn story dialog.

  • What are the win/lose conditions ?

In Campaign Mode, the defeat of any one of your Heroes will result in a mission loss.
If you start any mission with a castle you must protect it.
If the enemy captures your castle you will lose.
To win a campaign mission you must complete any objectives presented in the mission dialog.
If you ever get stuck try capturing any enemy-controlled towns. Capturing towns will often open any nearby gates, give new hints about what to do, or grant you other fun rewards.
In multiplayer, the defeat of all three of your Heroes or losing your castle to your opponent will result in a loss. Conversely, if you can capture your opponent’s Castle or kill his three Heroes you will win.

  • What are the different terrain movement rates ?

Clear terrain costs 1 movement point.
Forest terrain costs 2 movement points.
Rough terrain costs 3 movement points.
Swamp terrain costs 2 movement points and is poisonous to most units, costing 2 health points for each swamp tile you move across. However, swamp damage will never kill a unit. Units with only 1 Health Point can move across swamp terrain without taking any damage.

  • How do I use Ports and Teleporters ?

Simply move a unit right next to a port or teleporter, end its movement phase, and use its action to board the ship or energize the teleporter. Be careful when using these transporters though, as you will not have any movement points left when you land and will have to wait a turn before you can use these units again. Ports and teleporters will generally deliver units to the closest available tile, so clever players will do things like transport their Monks first, then transport other units to surround and protect the fragile healing unit. Most transports will be paired to allow you to travel back and forth between them as you wish; however, watch for the occasional one-way transport.

  • Wizards, Militia and Monks. Tell me about them.

These three support-units are some of the most valuable units in the game. As long as you control their respective structures (towers, keeps, and monasteries) they will continue to re-spawn after a turn or two when killed. Clever players use these units to scout hostile territory or as a sacrifice to protect other non-respawning units.

  • How do I use my Hero’s map spells ?

Each Hero has a unique spell you can use on the main map. Archie carries a heal spell that will heal all friendly units on the map for 2 to 3 Heath Points. Enzo’s “Chill Out” spell will reduce all enemy units’ movement ranges by one. Trillian has an awesome stealth skill that will keep her hidden from enemy units for one turn. To use a map spell press the corresponding icon located in the lower left of the screen on the individual Hero’s stat display.

  • Why can’t I attack an enemy unit ?

Each unit’s turn is divided into two parts, movement and action. If you find you cannot attack a unit, you may need to end your movement phase first. Some units have minimum attack distances. Units like catapults or teslas must be more than one square away to attack. If you are using a monk, remember that monks are peaceful units and cannot ever attack other units or capture a structure.

  • Why can’t I capture a structure from two squares away when I can attack from there?

You can only capture a structure with units that are directly next to a structure. Units with minimum attack ranges (catapults and teslas) cannot capture any structures.


Highborn Chapter 2

The do-gooders in blue are back! Chapter 2 adds new missions, brings more pop culture references, tells several bad jokes, and breaks the fourth wall. Again.

The Highborn Heroes return in Chapter 2 in eight all-new missions that feature plenty of off-the-wall stories and dialogue. As the Highborn search for the a certain on-the-lam Arch Lich, they’ll confront an evil new plan, shifting alliances and a bit of marital strife along the way.

Chapter 2: “As a Matter of Fact…that is a Moon!” is now available for iOS devices and can be purchased inside the Highborn and Highborn HD apps.


  • New Enemies and Allies – Several familiar faces decide they look better in blue than red…or vice versa.
  • New Structures – Factories and teleporters offer new strategic options for confusing the heck out of your enemy.
  • A Face Lift – 3D units and environments feature improved graphics.
  • Spell Details – Monoliths now display which spell they control, along with a cool-down timer.
  • Stats Galore – An end-of-mission statistics screen displays info on turns taken, enemies killed, number of structures captured, and more.
  • Shake to Undo – This highly requested feature has been added to the single-player campaign, allowing players to undo their entire previous turn.


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Highborn Chapter 3

Take control of the Decay and swing into campaign season as Arch-Lich Floyd goes from prisoner to presidential candidate.

This third Chapter of the Highborn saga is the funest, funniest, most parody-filled adventure yet. The story picks up from the Decay’s defeat at the end of Chapter 2, with players taking control of the bad guys to lead Floyd and his fellow miscreants on a plan to take over the world…again!

Chapter 3: “The Audacity” is now available for iOS devices and can be purchased inside the Highborn and Highborn HD apps.


  • Worgons – These new units (the love children of Jessica and Enzo) are half Wi-zard, half Gorgon, and all teen-aged trouble.
  • Siege Towers – Roll up to the battle in one of these mobile defense structures to deliver extra destruction.
  • New Spells – The Decay’s special flavor of firepower includes Mind Control, Summon Wolf, Random and Sacrifice.
  • Interior Maps – Take the battle inside on all new maps of dungeons, vaults and…kitchens?
  • New 3D Environments – Battles come to life with new 3D environments that complement the new maps.
  • Even Worse Parodies – You thought the Star Wars parodies were bad? Just wait until you go up against MaDOS in Highborn’s homage to the hit game Portal.
  • Show Off – Eight new OpenFeint achievements to impress your friends and frighten your enemies.


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