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"The Redneckoning" Now Available for Free on iOS and Android! The Redneckoning

"The Redneckoning," a new arcade action shooter, is now available for free on iOS through iTunes and on Android through Google Play. "The Redneckoning" puts players in the role of 'Roscoe' and challenges them to fend off an alien invasion using all the tools of the hillbilly trade. In “The Redneckoning,” a mess of secret Russian KGB cloned mutant space aliens have landed smackdab in the middle of Roscoe's favorite neck of the woods. Determined to make a stand, he's taken off in his truck to stop them varmints from running rampant in his town. Players will unleash some southern hospitality on enemies, using abilities like ‘Artillery Strikes’ and ‘Nucular 'Splosions,’ all in the hopes of beating their previous high score. Visit the game's product page to learn more about "The Redneckoning."