Winter Is Coming… Wait… No… Just Frostpunk For Consoles

Winter Is Coming… Wait… No… Just Frostpunk For Consoles

Frostpunk has received plenty of praise since it was released. The Bafta-nominated PC game from 11 Bit Studios proved that there is still a spark of creativity left in the gaming world. For the ones that may not know what Frostpunk is here is a brief introduction:

Frostpunk is a city-builder survival game in which the player must help a small village survive extreme temperatures that go way below freezing point. Visuals are stunning, game mechanics are punishing, and the difficulty will prove to be quite challenging.

There have been rumors back in 2018 that Frostpunk will come to consoles in early 2019. No official source confirmed the information and with the new announcement from 11 Bit Studios, a release before Q3 2019 is highly unlikely.

11 Bit Studios has been quiet in terms of updates, despite the fact that there is an extensive development plan to add more features and content in the future. Recently, the silence was broken with a new announcement from the developers stating that the game will get a console version. This update means that the game will reach an even bigger audience and because there are not that many strategy games for consoles, it should harness a bit of attention from the ones that do not own a PC. Frostpunk will be ported on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

While this announcement might be a good move from the developers from a financial standpoint, it does mean that new content for the PC version might be delayed. As of now, 11 Bit Studio is already working on tweaking controls and the game UI itself so that it becomes functional for controllers. Some game mechanics have been altered so that it feels more casual. More specifically, the game will automatically pause in certain situations and several other tweaks that will help the player manage less things than what it would be like on the PC version of the game. More challenging content will come in the form of custom scenarios according to 11 Bit Studios. Their main goal is to deliver a strategy came to console players that might have not experienced a strategy game yet and avoid getting frustrated playing Frostpunk.

No exact release date has been announced yet. More details are expected to be available in the following months as the development moves ahead. The game will be available with all the updates that were already released for the PC version and should be priced the same.

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