Apex Legends: Octane vs Wraith

Apex Legends: Octane vs Wraith

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Following our previous Lorthar’s Edge vs Blink Dagger post, which you can read over here, today we want to talk about Apex Legends!

Apex Legends is a game all about movement, and the newest character to be revealed takes that very seriously. Introducing Octane, for the price of 12,000 Legend tokens or 750 Apex coins. This bug-eyed masked guy in shorts is all about speed tactics– perfect if you’re good at spotting opportunities quickly and would rather exploit them fast.

His tactical ability provides a six-second speed boost in exchange for a bit of health, which pairs nicely with his passive (health regen out of combat). You can charge in like a berserker when there’s a brief opening, rush over to help a friend, chase someone down, run away from someone chasing you down, etc; the health regeneration encourages riskier tactics. Octane’s ultimate ability is a jump pad that anyone on your team can use for a short-range leap, which is useful for gaining a better position on the field.

How does Octane compare to the rest of the roster? The closest class I can think of is probably the Wraith. The Wraith is different in the sense that her focus is on re-positioning and Octane is just about raw speed. If you think about it, she’s more of a survivalist, and he’s more like her offensive counterpart. Wraith’s tactical move is of course also a speed boost (with invisibility), but it prevents you from attacking or even seeing the enemy. Her passive gives her the heads-up when she’s targeted, but that just allows her to escape with her tactical and get in a safer position. Her ultimate likewise spawns two portals with which you can re-position. With Wraith you’re always thinking about how to initiate, how to leave, and where to stand for maximum effect at the lowest risk.

Octane is sort of like the opposite. Although you can use his speed for defensive purposes, he’s clearly built for a more high-risk play-style. This is the guy who charges in immediately when his opponent glances away for a second, knowing a second is all he needs. Any re-positioning you do with his ultimate is meant to help you get the drop on the enemy, rather than to help you escape, as its range is fairly limited. His tactical probably screams this most of all with the way it leverages speed for health, the quintessential “no pain, no gain” philosophy of combat so characteristic of berserker fighters in other games.

Given all that, I would say Octane calls for a very different mindset than Wraith does. Wraith is for the cautious player who picks her spots carefully, looking for the best advantage at the lowest risk; Octane is for the restless player with a hair trigger offence, looking for the immediate advantage and laughing at risk. This guy works best with hit-and-run tactics, as a gorilla fighter following the “hard to hit, harder to evade” style of combat. Use him if you’re comfortable with snap decisions, reflexive thinking, and you need a character who can move fast enough to carry out your hastily concocted stratagems.

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