League of Legends – A Guide to Ezreal

League of Legends – A Guide to Ezreal

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Ezreal is one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends. His scaling with both attack damage and skill power, and his reliance on skills rather than basic attacks, has seen him take on many different positions and roles.

Like other old school champions like Jax or Akali, Ezreal maintains its double scaling, making its itemization very flexible. We have seen a critically based Ezreal, the legendary Blue Build that made an impact in the middle game and even in the jungle. The father of the Frozen Mallet shooters, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, was the one who introduced a new variant of Ezreal based on buying the two objects created from the Tear of the Goddess.

Although the merit of making this build popular belongs to the blond shooter of Fnatic, everything indicates that the authorship is, as happens in not a few occasions, of the Korean server. Many professionals are practising this itemization, with very good results. But, which are the keys of Ezreal with double tears?

The most popular and effective construction of Ezreal involves the Manamune, the Trinity and the Staff of the Archangel. This last patch has been played 15.45% of the time in Korea with 60.98% of wins, with the second most effective build being the one that keeps those two Goddess Tear objects and changes the Trinity for the Ice Gauntlet.

Nobody doubts at this point that the Manamune is a vital object for Ezreal. Converting 3% of the current mana into 6% of the current mana damage is an incredible leap in quality for a champion who also itemizes with another item that adds mana such as the Trinity or the Ice Gauntlet; but what if we add an item to the equation that gives him 1400 maximum mana points such as the “staked” Archangel’s Staff?

The calculations are simple: With those three items loaded, plus the Mana Band, Ezreal spends a maximum of 120 mana points to add another 240 to his basics. This would already be an important reason for Ezreal to stop being the best shooter in the midgame and win even more in the late game, but there are plenty more. The maximum shield he can get from activating the Archangel is 750 (450 if he’s on half mana), adds 20% CDR to a skill-dependent champion, and returns 25% of the mana spent on 15% of the Muramana.

Not least, it grants slightly more than 200 Ability Power, depending on the runes chosen. It should be remembered that his abilities scale with Ability Power, up to a maximum of 285% in a single rotation. This extra damage from the Seraphim causes him to gain even more power in his Qs, and can be a nightmare to besiege.

It’s a good idea to choose runes that will help you get these three items as quickly as possible. Kleptomania is a must, as well as Mana Band and Storm is coming as secondary branch runes. Getting the Manamune as soon as possible and accumulating all the charges is something we should all do. It is not possible to stagger two Tears at once, so it is necessary to finish an item first. Therefore, it is necessary to get the Trinity or the Gauntlet of the second item.

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