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Sett bursts into League of Legends with a clean punch

Sett bursts into League of Legends with a clean punch

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Riot Games presents its new champion, Sett, The Boss. With a new Aphelios still in town, the California company seems to have no intention of slowing down and has already revealed the next champion we will see on Summoner’s Rift shortly. In fact, Sett is already available in the Trial Kingdom (TRP) of the title, so we already know about his skills, looks, and playability.

Sett is a half-breed between human and vastaya and is also a fearsome master of organized crime in the nation of Ionia, forging his throne in the world of organized crime with an iron fist. This introduction comes shortly after the recent release of Aphelios, the new multi-skilled champion who had left League of Legends fans speechless.

Sett is a Vi, Darius, or Garen style fighter (bruiser) who uses his fists exclusively to get rid of enemy champions. His style is reminiscent of some Tekken franchise fighters, as well as wrestling shows. So much so, that his ultimate is a purer WWE-style finisher. Pay attention to Sett’s skills. By the way, The Boss doesn’t use manna.


Basic Sett attacks alternate between a left and a right fist, always starting with the left. Attack speed increases punch speed. left fists deal normal damage, while right fists are faster and deal more damage. in addition, Sett gains additional health regeneration for every 5% of health he lacks.

If Sett has not thrown a right punch for 2 seconds after hitting with his left fist, his next punch will be a left punch. The attack speed of a left punch is the same as Sett’s normal attack speed, while the right punch is 8 times faster.


Sett gets 30% movement speed for 1.5 seconds if he moves in the direction of an enemy champion. The next two basic Sett attacks deal additional physical damage.


Passive: Sett stores 100% of the damage received up to a maximum of X (50% of its maximum life). This amount decreases every 4 seconds after receiving damage.

Active: Sett throws a large punch in the chosen direction, expending all accumulated damage to deal true damage to enemies in the centre of the ability. All other enemies take physical damage. In addition, Sett gains a shield that decays rapidly for 2 seconds based on the amount of damage he has dealt with.


Sett stamps on enemies on either side of him, dealing physical damage and slowing them down by 50% for 0.5 seconds. If Sett grabs at least two enemies on each side, all affected enemies are stunned for 1 second.


Sett grabs an enemy champion, throws him into the air and then stamps him on the ground. All enemies within the impact zone take physical damage and are slowed by 99% for 1.5 seconds. As mentioned, Sett is now available in the Test Kingdom and will arrive at the official server shortly. They say he’s Draven’s secret son. He’s certainly got skills.

Sett proves to be a much more direct character in comparison. A short-range fighter designed to destroy everything in the top lane of the map, with movements that can easily knock out rivals.

For players who like outlandish appearances, Sett will have them satisfied, being essentially a very conceited and petulant character, although secretly a mom’s son, by uploading his photo to one of his emotes.

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