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Dota 2 The Outlanders Update

Dota 2 The Outlanders Update

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Dota 2 has received a big update, which includes two new heroes who are already talking. Snapfire and Void Spirit generate excitment with their arrival in The Outlanders patch.

Dota 2 has released its new massive update with which it has already begun to make the whole community fall in love. The new heroes Void Spirit and Snapfire, have captured the attention of all. It’s always exciting when they add new heroes as this changes the dynamics and strategies of the game, such as knowing what can be their counter picks, and so on.

This patch is 7.23 of Dota 2, which was announced three months ago when The International 2019 was held in China, a tournament where the OG squad was crowned as the first bicampeón in the history of the video game.

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Now let’s analyze the aspects that this update has left us.

Spirit Void

He is a killer type hero, very slippery and with high magic damage, and can impact very quickly in the game since he has level 6. His particularity is that thanks to its abilities he can appears from the shadows, very similar to what Ember Spirit does with its holograms.


This is the other hero who debuts in Dota 2. This hero is range support, with the ability to do a lot of AOE damage at a distance. In the medium and low medals, he is used a lot as a midlaner for his high damage in the early game. In addition, his ultimate level 6 has great magic damage and is excellent for teamfights.

Similar to Tiny’s kick, Snapfire will be able to push an ally or even a few meters to jump and stun his enemies. However, the most striking thing is his ultimate, with a lot of damage at a huge distance. Already many people claim to modify it because it’s very powerful.


Another very important aspect that leaves us this update is that each player already has a particular courier. This avoids the typical discussions in the “let me use the courier first” games. Although that if, now the speed of movement that has is lower. But now the courier also has a level that goes according to the level of your player, when you reach level 15 can put wards and this will be of great help to the supports.

Map modification

This is one of the least liked things. The map has been modified with many new elements for a single update. Previously it had changed but very small, this time it has not been like that. Now the mid runes are closer to the midlaners so a bottle is now a crucial item to stay in line. In addition, two new structures were added in the place where the old tents were, these are called Outpost, and provide vision and experience for the team that dominates them.

Neutral Items

Now the neutral creeps can drop unique items, which are classified according to the minute the game goes on, so the longer the game goes on the neutral creeps can dropping better items. From the moment luck becomes a factor this alters the strategies you can have to win a game.

Although in general this update is very good and refreshes the game, it is true that at first feel a little rejection from the community. For now, it is left to wait to see the next Major and to watch the games of the professionals to see how they take advantage of each one of these aspects and learn what is the new META.